Winter Skin Secrets & Spa Deal

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Cool winter temperatures and low humidity levels, combined with hot showers and soap-based products can pull moisture from the skin. On the surface, skin looks dull, feels tight, dry and itchy. At a microscopic level a lack of moisture and oil weakens your skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving it susceptible to invading chemicals causing redness, irritation and sensitivity.

Layering on extra hydration during colder seasons will restore lost moisture and relieve dry, thirsty skin.

Start with Multi-Active Toner, a refreshing toner that rehydrates with Aloe Vera and Cucumber. Mist over skin after cleansing to reduce tightness and lock in moisture.

Follow with Skin Hydrating Booster, a super-fluid that hydrates tissues and plumps parched skin. Apply 6 to 10 drops directly to skin, or mix with your favorite Dermalogica Moisturizer.

For an added boost, apply Skin Hydrating Masque 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing to calm, infuse skin with protective antioxidant vitamins, and restore moisture for fewer fine lines.

Remember, think layers when it comes to keeping skin healthy all winter long.


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Dermalogica Skin Treatment

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Is your skin the best it can be? Watch this short video to learn how our Skin Therapists, trained at the International Dermal Institute, can help you achieve the best skin you’ve ever had with our Dermalogica Skin Treatment.

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Aveda How To: The Tousled Look for Short Hair

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Add natural style to short hair and achieve a tousled, textured look with Aveda’s Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders.

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Aveda How-to: Create Effortlessly Smooth Hair

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Effortlessly Smooth hair is a salon look you can create yourself at home with the right Aveda products and techniques. In this video Allen Ruiz shows you how.

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