Nufree Hair Removal

pineapple day spa is proud to feature nufree hair removal. nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin. nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body. nufree is an antimicrobial so it’s safe, clean and germ free. nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased any time! nufree is clinically tested and uses no animal products.

brow design $20 half leg $40
lip $12 full leg $55
chin $15 feet & toes $20
cheek $15
nose $12
under arm $25 bikini medium $40
half arm $35 bikini moderate $45
full arm $45 bikini brazilian $65
hands $20
chest $40
abdomen $30
back $55

we recommend avoiding exposure to sunlight following your hair removal. please inform your skin therapist if you are taking any medications that may create skin sensitivity.